The following is a brief list of references for work Exterior Concepts, Inc. has performed:

Ritz Carlton
GC: Beers – Skanska
Work Description: Three types of natural stone blended and installed on three separate buildings.
Contract Amount: $480,000.00

Museum Tower at Centennial Hill Condominiums
GC: Whiting – Turner Const. Co.
Work Description: Work on structure for 26 story building, light weight soil, planters, concrete on structure, landscaping, tree grates, pavers, streetscapes, cedar arbors.
Contract Amount: $510,000.00

Crossroads Apartments
GC: Sierra Contracting
Work Description: Concrete pool deck, pavers, columns, stone on chimney on the clubhouse, sign.
Contract Amount: $30,000.00

Camp Sunshine House
GC: Beers-Skanska / Hamilton Land Services
Work Description: Tennessee Fieldstone on building, retaining walls and sidewalks.
Contract Amount: $140,000.00

The Retreat at Lake Blackshear
GC: Pinkerton & Laws
Work Description: Stamped and colored concrete.
Contract Amount: $30,750.00

Wal-Mart Stores
GC: Charles Vinzant Co.
Work Description: Poured two types of colored stamp concrete.
Contract Amount: $43,000.00

Koger Park – Darmouth Building Entrance
GC: Double T Contracting
Work Description: Stucco columns, pavers, demolition of existing hardscape, concrete.
Contract Amount: $26,000.00

North Crescent Medical Center
GC: Skanska USA
Work Description: Stamped / Colored Concrete and exposes aggregate sidewalks.
Contract Amount: $25,000.00

Centerview Apartments
GC: Fairfield Development, Inc.
Work Description: Synthetic stone work on apartment building veneer, hardscape monuments and entrance signs.
Contract Amount: $260,000.00

Stonecrest Shopping Center
GC: Pinkerton and Laws
Work Description: Synthetic stone veneer and pavers for shopping center.
Contract Amount: $120.000.00

Roswell Golf Country Club
GC: Benchmark Construction Company
Work Description: Synthetic stone and natural stone on building veneers.
Contract Amount: $22,000.00

Ashford Plantation Apartments
GC: Pinkerton and Laws
Work Description: Brick walls and brick piers with pre-cast caps.
Contract Amount: $38,000.00

Delmont Residence
GC: Green Seasons
Work Description: Two types of tumbles cobblestone pavers with four separate radius, brick retaining walls, and Celtic retaining walls.
Contract Amount: $100,000.00

CNN – McCormick Schmick Restaurant
GC: Infinity Construction
Work Description: Courtyard including fountain, stone walls, and landscaping.
Contract Amount: $42,000.00

NCR Corporation
GC: NCR Corporation
Work Description: Paver project and seatwalls.
Contract Amount: $45,000.00

Olive Garden
GC: W.H. Bass Company
Work Description: Stone veneer on building and stamped concrete.
Contract Amount: $42,000.00

Emory University – SACC Building
GC: New South Construction
Work Description: Installing granite rubble walls, granite veneer walls, and pavers.
Contract Amount: $250,000.00